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Archives Access Q&A

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Archives Access Q&A


Q1: What is Archives Access?

A: Archives Access is for people who want to have access of government archives for viewing, copying, and duplication purpose. The governing agency should provide the procedure of Archives Access, including archives application, application audit and notification, archives preparation, provides archives, and archives return process.


Q2: How to search or apply for accessing the archives of Kaohsiung Prison?


1)     Use “Navigation Electronic Agencies’ Records (NEAR)” website to search.

          i.   Enter the Prison website (http://www.ksp.moj.gov.tw/): “Archives Access Services” → “Links” → “Navigation Electronic Agencies’ Records”.

        ii.   Enter the keyword “Ministry of Justice, Agency of Corrections, Kaohsiung Prison” to search the archives.

       iii.   Locate the desired archives document numbers.

2)    Fill out the archives application form:

          i.   The application form can be obtained in the Prison website (Homepage → “Archives Access Services” → “Archives Applications”, and download the “Application Form for Access to Archives”) or to the Prison service center.

        ii.  Submit the form personally to the Prison service center or to the Prison to apply after the completion of application form.


Q3: When will the Prison notify the Archives Access application audit result?

A: According to the Archives Act, after the Prison receives the archives application, it will notify the audit result to the applicant in writing within 30 days from the date of acceptance ( if it is irregularity or incomplete information, start from the date that applicant to make correction).


Q4:What situation will the Prison reject the Archives Access application?

A: According to the regulation of Article 18 of Archives Act, Archives involved in one of the following situation, the Prison may deny the application: the archives concerning national confidentiality; the archives concerning criminal information; the archives concerning industrial confidentiality; the archives concerning technique information and qualification reviews; the archives concerning personnel management and salaries; the archives must be kept as confidential under laws or agreements; other causes to ensure public interest or a third party's due right or interest.


Q5: What are the restrictions for the foreign applicants?

A: Foreign applicants who want to apply for Archives Access shall follow the regulation of Section 2 of Article 9 of The Freedom of Government Information Law; foreign applicants may request government information in accordance with this Law only when the laws of their countries do not restrict the nationals of the Republic of China from requesting government information of such country.


Q6: What are the identification documents shall be presented after the allowance of Archives Access?

A: The personal applicant shall present an audit notification letter and identification document. The juristic person, party, law office, or business applicants shall present prove of registration and identification document of person in charge, proxy, or manager. The commission consignee applicant shall attach original power of attorney and proxy or commission’s identification documents.


Q7: What is the specification that applicant for Archives Access shall comply with?

A: Applicant views, copies, or duplicates archives, shall keep the integrity of archive data and shall not have the following types of behavior. Stop the Archives Access, if violates the regulation of Article 26 of the Archives Act:

1. Adding annotations, altering, changing, removing, marking or damaging the content of the archives;

2. Unpicking the bound archives;

3. Destroying or altering the content of the archives by other methods.


Q8: When are the opening hours of Archives application room of the Prison?

A: Archives application room of the Prison is located on the second floor of Archive Office of the Prison (No.1 Rende Village, Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 83101, Phone No.: (07)-7882548 -237). Opening hours of archives access for viewing, copying, or duplication are 8:00 – 12:00 a.m. and 13:30 – 17:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, national holidays are not open.


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