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On March 14, 1947, the former Ministry of Justice Administration issued Jin-36-Jhih-Jian (1) No. 5996 Order to Taiwan High Court, which, in turn, issued a mandate that orders all provincial branch prisons to be changed as Type B new prisons. The Taiwan High Court issued a mandate of Syun-Jian No. 01098 on March 17, 1947 and ordered all the prisons in the Province to be named after the cities in which they reside. On April 1 in the same year the Second Branch Prison of Taiwan Third Prison, located at No. 1 Mingjheng Road, Kaohsiung City was renamed as “Taiwan Kaohsiung Prison”. Because of outdated wards, poor facilities, and an increasing number of inmates, the Prison was no longer suitable for modern requirements for execution. By the order of the former Ministry of Justice Administration, the Prison was to be relocated and a new prison was to be built. Land property of the old prison was sold into segments through public auctions to finance for the construction, which was implemented in different stages. Total acreage of the new prison was 7.65 hectares including 3.61 hectares inside the prison wall and 4.04 hectares on the outside. Stage 1 and 2 constructions were completed in 1973, and the Prison officially moved to the new location in the spring of 1974 with a new address of No. 1, Rende Road, Neiken Village, Daliao Township, Kaohsiung County. Stage 3 and 4 constructions were completed in October 1977, and the Prison was assigned by the Ministry as a dedicated prison for recidivists with approved capacity of 1550 inmates. Because inmates increased rapidly and the wards were overcrowded, some warehouses and bathrooms were converted to prison wards, and approved capacity was adjusted to 2280 inmates.
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