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Investigation and Classification

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1. Issues concerning investigation and classification for inmate admittance:

(1)Direct investigation: Such investigation is conducted in a face-to-face manner upon admittance of new inmates by undertaking personnel of concerned sections or offices at New Inmates Admittance Center. Inmates will be questioned about their related information for filing, including basic information, physical condition, occupational condition, crime motive, psychological features, and records of after-care observation.

(2)Indirect investigation: Investigation is conducted using a mail inquiry form, with the police department under jurisdiction having the responsibility to interview with the family members and fill in required information. After being compiled, the information will serve as reference for future measures.

2. Issues concerning Inmate Admittance Seminar: In order to assist inmates in quickly and smoothly adapting to the life in the correction institution along with being familiar to their rights, obligations and regulations, an admittance seminar is conducted. Every new inmate will be issued with a “Life Handbook” to help the inmate to serve their sentence without worrying.

3. Issues concerning inmate’s psychological evaluation: After an inmate is admitted to the Prison, evaluations of intelligence, personality, health, and psychology will be conducted according to inmate’s prison term and education background as reference for future measures.

4. Issues concerning After-Care for released inmate In order to extend the result of correction and prevent recommitment, the Prison cooperates with After-Care Association closely and integrates social resources on all accounts in the protection and guidance of job placement counseling, awareness of after-care, financial aid for traffic, escorted home return, medical assistance, and temporary housing. It is expected that the inmates may adapt to social life and not to commit crime again.

5.“Love - No Barriersocial resources advisory Link:

We offer services combined with medical, social and political, labor and other resources that inmate’s family may need, including the application method, the required documents and other information. The purpose  of “Love - No Barriersis to serve inmate’s family  to  find out more about the resources of social welfare.  You just need directly click our website to link the authorities of the various resources. We also provide leaflets for reference and use placed in the reception room, the information desk or family day-related activities.

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