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Sanitation and Medical Services

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  • Last updated:2021-11-05
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1. Patient ward management:

The patient ward has sickbeds for inmates with severe sickness that requires observation and treatment. Nurses provide daily care. Patient ward manager have all been trained in emergency rescue.


2. Physician clinic:

(1)The intensive clinic has hired 7 physicians to receive inmate patients at responsible educational blocks and wards. On average, 200 inmate patients visit the physician everyday. Medical services also include ophthalmology, dentistry, Chinese medicine, and psychology.

(2)Medical equipment:

.Medical Record Room:

One medical record room has been established.

.Consulting Room: One consulting room and one injection room are established and open all day. The consulting room is equipped with one examination bed, mobile electronic blood pressure gauge, high-pressure sterilizer, oxygen mask, treatment bed for ear-nose-throat department, electrocardiograph, sputum suction unit, and ophthalmologic equipment.

.Pharmacy: One medicine storage and one fully automated medicine packing machine are available.

Dentist Room: Equipped with complete dentist treatment equipment, ultrasonic scaler, and X-Ray Room.

Examination Room: Equipped with one urination narcotic examination machine.

.Ambulance: Two ambulances.


3. Emergency rescue seminar:

(1)In cooperation with Red Cross Society of Republic of China, CPR and various other types of emergency rescue trainings are conducted, and instructors are invited to the Prison every two months for both employees and inmates.

(2)In cooperation with Public Health Bureau and public welfare groups, awareness of preventions for various types of contagious diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis are promoted in the Prison.

4. Treatment for inmates with contagious diseases:

(1)In cooperation with Disease Control Bureau, Public Health Bureau, and Public Health Center, blood examinations of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases and chest X-Ray examination for tuberculosis are conducted in the Prison for newly admitted inmates and for all inmates annually to prevent in-prison contagion.

(2)Sterilization and ultraviolet disinfection are conducted in all wards every two weeks to maintain environment sanitation. 

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