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Operation Section

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1. Operation Status

●Operations of the Prison aim to train inmates with occupational skill and develop their diligent habits, so that after being released from the Prison the inmates may earn a living, adopt a normal social life, and reduce the likelihood of committing crime again.

Once sent into prison, an inmate will be assigned to a workshop according to education level, expertise, personality tendency, interests, and their physical and mental condition.


●Inmate businesses are divided into canvass business (commissioned by third party company) and self-run business.

Canvass business

Currently the Prison has 17 workshops with about 2000 participating workers. The commissioned processing works include toothpick packaging, expansion bolt processing, paper product processing, electronic component processing, wooden product processing, shoes processing, hand tools, window curtain component assembly and processing, and laundry and iron press.


Self-run businesses in the Prison include: sewing facility, wood work facility, and farming facility.                

Sewing Facility

Currently there are three sewing production workshops with more than 100 machines and about 300 participating workers.

Wood Work Facility

The prison’s self-run businesses of the Wood Work Facility includes various types of wood furniture, carving of wooden tablets, carving of Buddhist Bible, and all types of wood artworks. Purchase of ready-made and order of made-to-order are welcome; our quality is excellent and service is thorough.




2. Preservation of Traditional Artistry

In compliance with the policy of Ministry of Justice to preserve and develop endangered traditional industry and folk culture resource, the Prison has planned the integration with local featured industries and developed special folk culture artistry training programs and businesses for Meinong oilpaper umbrella and bamboo steamer to train the inmates with special folk artistry specialty, which shall strengthen their ability to make a living or start a business.

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